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Exploring the Edge of Visual Practice

SERIES 9-11:00 am Pacific Mar 23 - Jun 08, 2020     9:00 am - 11:00 am PACIFIC TIME

When David Sibbet began to practice Graphic Facilitation in the late 1970s, he did not imagine in his wildest dreams that his ideas would one day lead the way for fellow practitioners around the globe. More than 40 years later, David still pioneers the field of Visual Practice. Markus Engelberger is a leader in bringing visual practice to Europe and represents a new generation who honor the shoulders of giants they are standing on, but also curiously challenge assumptions and explore the uncharted territory beyond the edges of the Practice that draws them together.

Join Markus & David in an exploration of the Language, Value, Myths and Potentials of Visual Practice.

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Curiosity is the fuel for development” says Markus Engelberger, founder of the “Visual Catalyzation BarCamp” in Vienna which brings together curious practitioners from the fields of Leadership, Consulting, Facilitation, Training, Education, Therapy and Visual Practice. Participants are drawn together by the passion for working visually and the intention to explore synergies, learn from each other and grow individually as well as collectively.

Similar to the BarCamp, this exchange will be a platform for dialogue and learning of leading professionals, in conjunction with one of the founders of the field, David Sibbet of The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco. The difference from the original BarCamp is that this virtual meeting room will enables us to have a truly global group and even more divergent perspectives and even more interesting discussions.

In the series of four exchanges, Markus and David will explore different definitions and models trying to provide frames for mutual understanding and collaboration. We want to find out what added value different practices create from a user perspective. We try to identify and proof or bust the most common myths related to Visual Practice. And finally, building on all the results from the first three exchanges, we want look at possible potentials and future fields of application of the Practice, we all care about.

This series will coincide with Markus writing a book on Visual Catalyzation in 2020.

Key Questions for Exploration

Exchange 1 “Language & Models”:

1.     Which similarities and differences exist in the language we use to talk about different disciplines of Visual Practice?

2.     Which models exist that try to enable clarity and mutual understanding if communicating with fellow practitioners or clients?

Exchange 2 “Value”:

3.     Why do users/clients use services related to Visual Practice?

4.     Who doesn´t use them (yet) and why?

Exchange 3 “Myth Busting”:

5.     What are the most commonly used myths about Sketchnoting, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording & related practices & services that we are aware of?

6.     Which of those are based on scientific facts and which are not?

Exchange 4 “Potentials”:

7.     After everything we found out in the Exchanges 1-3 and everything we already know about the challenges of our times, what are the potentials we see for various disciplines of Visual Practice in the fields of education, academia, facilitation, consulting, coaching, politics, business (+ potentially additional fields)

Exchange Design

The Exploring the edge of Visual Practice series will be conducted over four sessions between March and June 2020. Depending on how the exchange unfolds, there might be an assignment or the invitation to co-create between sessions. Participants are not required to attend all sessions. They will be recorded and available for review. The series will evolve in response to participants, but at the outset will following this sequence: Exchange 1: Language & Models
  1. Become familiar with some key ideas in systems thinking and the role of visual language
  2. Identify language & communication as shapers of what matters to us as teams/groups/societies/system
  3. Find new inspiration about visual language & communication
  4. Explore models that work well for talking about visual practiceFollowing is a video of the first Exchange for your review.
Exchange 2: Value of Visual Practice Markus and David review session one and Markus invites all participants to reflect on where they find visualization valuable. A second set of breakouts explore what kinds of organizations and situations would call for visual practice. The session concluded with everyone sharing myths about visual practice that they would like to explore in Session #3. Graphic notes are in the resources tab of this Exchange. Exchange 3: Myths & Research Collecting, Exploring & Verifying often used myths about the effects of working visually. Exchange 4: Future Potentials We want to use the collective intelligence in this exchange group and collect educated guesses about possible potentials and future fields of application of working visually.
  • March 23rd / Language & Models
  • April 13th / Value of Visual Practice
  • May 19th / Myth Busting & Research
  • June 8th / Future Potential


DATE: March 23, 2020 / April 13, 2020 / May 19, 2020 / June 8, 2020
TIME: 9:00 am - 11:00 am PACIFIC TIME
REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Open to anyone interested in the field of visual practice
PRICE: $95