IP policy


Last Updated: April 14, 2017

The GLEN and its collaboration website is optimized to support new ideas and product creation,
bridging between open source and proprietary approaches. To have this system work, members
MUST comply with the following rules for the respect of Intellectual Property. Breaking these
rules will result in suspension of membership. Disputed cases will be resolved by the co-
directors of the GLEN.


  1. Legally, ideas and concepts themselves are not subject to copyright. Ideas and concepts
    expressed within the GLEN (including on its websites and forums) are available for
    members to use in their own work and products.
  2. The SPECIFIC images, trade names, models, diagrams, charts, and text are considered
    copyrighted by their creators and CANNOT be duplicated directly or in member products
    without written permission from the designated authors, unless they carry a creative
    commons license (see #6 below).
  3. If authors agree to allow their work to be reproduced, COPYRIGHT and AUTHOR
    identifications must be included.
  4. Cutting and pasting comments from specific individuals into other publications and
    communications outside the GLEN platform is NOT allowed without permission. Quoted
    text identifying specific members by name is allowed only with written permission, unless
    it is included in a document carrying a creative commons license (see #6 below).
  5. Collaboration teams can establish special rules for creations that have involved teams of
    people, and should indicate any additional requirements on the material.
  6. Any material licensed under a creative commons or open source license would need to
    have the specific license applied to it clearly identified. All further use and distribution of
    that material will be governed by the specific license applied to that material. A creator
    can choose from a variety of available licenses. In most this would be a creative commons
    licenses. If something is in computer code rather than human-readable, it might use an
    open source software license. We will develop further support for this choice as we
  7. Members who invest resources in creating specific products using ideas from the GLEN
    may establish copyrights for the specific products, but NOT exclusive access to the
    concepts and ideas.