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S#5 Sharing Applications of the Theory: notes from Rob Eskridge and Hubert deGroot.

This set of notes reflects the presentations and dialogue the group had with Rob Eskridge about his application of the ToP to strategic planning, and Hubert deGroot’s application to understanding visual consulting.

David Sibbet 08/23/20 08/23/20
S#6 Theory of Process: The Sustainable Organization Model Notes

In this next to last session David decided to share the Sustainable Organizations Model, an ambitious application of the theory to the challenge of finding organizational coherence, and understanding how evolutionary jumps can occur. These are the graphic notes of the session as recorded by David.

David Sibbet 08/23/20 08/23/20
GLEN European Gathering Notes April 2020

Check out this fun, inclusive and thought provoking visual report from our session.

Gisela Wendling 05/21/20 05/21/20
S#4 Theory of Process Notes: Evolutionary Process 4-6-20

This video integrates the Two-fold and Four-Fold operators to explain an overall theory of evolutionary process. The group this time used the Arc of Process Model to look at the current pandemic situation.

David Sibbet 05/16/20 05/16/20
S#1—Exploring the Edge of Visual Practice–Models & Language Notes 1-13-20

Here are the notes from the first Exploring the Edge of Visual Practice session with Markus Engelberger, Bob Horn, Mathias Weitbrecht and David Sibbet.

David Sibbet 04/16/20 04/16/20
S#2 Exploring the Edge of Visual Practice: Notes from Value Session

Here are the notes from the second session with Markus Engelberger and David Sibbet and others.

David Sibbet 04/16/20 04/16/20
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Peter Michalek 04/14/20 04/14/20
S#3 Theory of Process: Thinking with the Four Flows

This file is the PDF from the Third session, which includes David’s graphics and notes taken during the presentation.

David Sibbet 04/04/20 04/04/20
Hubert de Groot’s Synthesis of Four Flows

This is a chart Hubert made after our last Theory of Process Call. It shows the integration of some of the ideas in one visual. Thanks Hubert.

David Sibbet 04/03/20 04/03/20
Mapping the Field of Visual Practice 8-21-18

This second video was created after the Denmark IFVP conference sharing the experience with GLEN members.

David Sibbet 02/21/20 02/21/20
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