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    Personal & Leadership Transformation

    Facilitators and change consultants are a primary active ingredient in any process or change project. How do you get leaders to walk the talk? How can process and organizational leaders BE the change? In the Personal & Leadership focus area of Learning Journeys, members share processes that they have found useful in their own development. This focus area also considers how to guide organizational and community leaders to step up to personal change as part of any process.

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    Team Development

    Shifting from a “building” to a “performing” focus for team cooperation takes groups into the world of agile planning, improvisation, trusted relationships, listening, and renewal. The Learning Journeys in this focus area explore theory and practices for cultivating high-performing teams, including in-depth support for using the tools and methods of the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance System.

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    Visual & Virtual Facilitation

    The Grove’s leadership in visual facilitation (aka Group Graphics®, graphic facilitation, and graphic recording) has helped create a new field that is exploding globally and going virtual. Learning Journeys in the Visual & Virtual Facilitation area will explore the intentions, scope, and practices of facilitation as it crosses cultures and sectors, including how to optimize collaboration that blends face-to-face and distributed participants. Our intention is that the Learning Journeys in this area will explore the full range of challenges that visual facilitators face.

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    Organization Strategy & Evolution

    New forms of organization are emerging as technology intersects with neuroscience, living system theory, and a growing awareness that large, unwieldy institutions may not be sustainable. The Learning Journeys in the Organization Evolution focus area deal with how to lead organization strategy, change, and transformation processes in a collaborative way.

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    Social Change

    The big challenges of our times require multi-sector, cross-cultural, and extended stakeholder involvement processes to have real impact. How one sustains these kinds of projects and movements, and how one sustains oneself as a facilitator and leader of change, are the focus of the Social Change Learning Edge. A key set of Learning Journeys in this area deal with the formation and evolution of collaborative networks.