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Unfolding Wisdom: A Retreat to Re-Member Our Wholeness

THREE DAYS, ALL DAY, RUNS Jun 06 - Jun 09, 2019     All Day

GLEN Members, Alan Briskin and Kathia Laszlo, invite you to join them for an exploration into the realm of paradox, the harmony of contradictions, and the felt sense of belonging to a community of seekers, change makers, and consciousness explorers. This four-day event combines the essence of a spiritual retreat as an inner
journey and leadership training as a professional development experience. The retreat is designed for individuals who work with groups in their capacity as leaders, consultants, facilitators, and change agents and for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the practice of leadership and transformation.



We are creating a space for collaborative inquiry guided by the questions below.  We will journey together into the tension of apparent dualities since we recognize that unlocking the capacity to hold opposites together in creative tension is a key to wholeness: a way to re-member parts of ourselves which have become lost or inhibited and recalling our purpose in the larger world. We will practice listening for the emergence and confronting “negative capability” (the brilliance of not knowing). We will have ritual, silence, art, and nature. Together, we will learn how to say Yes to unfolding wisdom.

Key Questions for Exploration

  1. Why is unfolding wisdom important right now – during times of social disruption?
  2. What does it involve to live at the edge of knowing and not knowing?
  3. How can we be true to our own inner knowing?
  4. What are the evolutionary possibilities of engaging complexity?
  5. What are we missing by staying in polarities?
  6. What are the rewards of embracing the creative tension of opposites?
  7. How do groups move from fragmentation to wholeness?
  8. What about love?

Exchange Design

Some of the practices that will be part of the experience of this retreat include…
  • Practicing to open our inner channels of wisdom
  • Noticing and activating Relational Fields
  • Embracing Negative Capability as key to the emergence
  • Collectively walking the Labyrinth
  • Engaging in creative expression
  • • Reflecting from film clips and dramatic presentations


DATE: Jun 06 - Jun 09, 2019
TIME: All Day
VENUE OR PLATFORM: Mercy Center, 2300 Adeline Dr, Burlingame, CA 94010
REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Regular price: $1,595.00 Early bird: (before April 15th): $1,430 Registration includes: Tuition, Materials, Food, and Lodging. GLEN Member discount: 20% off tuition. Scholarships available – please contact For additional inquiries contact: Kathia at or Alan at