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Unfolding Wisdom Retreat

Apr 16 - Apr 19, 2020     All Day

The practice of leadership requires each of us to trust and access our own interior world while also participating and contributing to larger organizational and cultural systems. Alan Briskin and Kathia Laszlo invite you to join them for an exploration into the realm of paradox, the harmony of contradictions, and the felt sense of belonging to a community of seekers, change makers, and consciousness pioneers. Be prepared to stretch conceptually and emotionally via experiential exercises and creative expression. The retreat is designed for individuals who work with groups in their capacity as leaders, consultants, facilitators, and change agents.

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Consider coming to this retreat as a rite of passage: intentionally crossing a portal and stepping into a healing and transformational space where we, individually and collectively, have the opportunity to re-weave different ways of knowing, doing, being, and relating. Together, we will be expanding the boundaries of leadership development by bringing into the inquiry those aspects that have been left out from the conversation; aspects that are core to our humanity and essential for our evolution. You will come out of the experience inspired, energized, and with increased confidence to serve as an agent of transformation wherever you are called to bring back wholeness – connecting our inner work with outward agency for the betterment of the world.

Key Questions for Exploration

  1. Why is unfolding wisdom important right now – during times of social disruption?
  2.   What does it involve to live at the edge of knowing and not knowing?
  3. How can we be true to our own inner knowing?
  4. What are we missing by staying in polarities?
  5. What are the rewards of embracing the creative tension of opposites?
  6. How do groups move from fragmentation to wholeness?

Exchange Design

The retreat will formally start at 2:30 pm on Thursday and end at 12:300 on Sunday. There will be evening work. In the design of this experience, we are holding the creative tension between a spiritual retreat as an inner journey and leadership training as an educational and skill development experience. Much of what happens will be in circle with experiential activities including walking in nature, ritual, silence, videos, art making, and dialogue.


DATE: Apr 16 - Apr 19, 2020
TIME: All Day
VENUE OR PLATFORM: The Mercy Center, 2300 Adeline Dr., Burlingame, CA 94010