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Wise Leadership in These Times

THREE SESSIONS, 9-11am PT, RUNS Jan 11 - Feb 08, 2019     9:00 am - 11:00 am PACIFIC TIME

Creating the future we want to leave for future generations must extend beyond traditional leadership. The world needs leaders who are wise and who make decisions that are good for society and companies, management that serves a higher purpose, and consultants who are committed to creating lasting benefits for the world. Please join GLEN members Karen Buckley, Phil Bakelaar and Tim Blair for this exploration.

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Our intention is to explore wisdom in leadership. Together we will discuss the characteristics and abilities of wise leaders and what promotes or detracts from a leader’s ability to bring wisdom to any situation, whether one person, a team, a crisis or opportunity. We’ll discover the practical results of engaging wisdom as well as the principles and practices that help leaders sustain and return to their wisdom again and again. We intend this to be an opportunity for increased self-awareness and generative skills for developing leaders who are wise in good judgment, sound decisions, thoughtful working relationships and in sync with nature’s ways. The conversation will draw on the experience and wisdom of the participants in the Exchange.

The Big Idea: The Wise Leader:

Key Questions for Exploration

  1. What is wisdom, particularly in our tumultuous challenging times? How do we define wisdom as it relates to leadership? How is wisdom a big idea, an imperative for our times?
  2. Looking through the lens of wisdom, do we see leadership differently? Do we begin to value new ways of leading or new ways of defining leadership?
  3. What do we expect of our leaders as they reinvent companies to cope with globalization, new technologies, demographic shifts, consumption trends, and environmental degradation? What values and ethics guide wise leadership that works?
  4. What are the abilities of wise leaders? Why doesn’t knowledge and experience always result in leadership we consider wise?
  5. Are there differences in healthy masculine qualities and feminine qualities expressed as wisdom? How is an integrated or gender-balanced wisdom expressed?
  6. What propels wise leadership? What inner work is necessary for leaders to develop wisdom? What practices seem essential to engage?
  7. How can we foster practical wisdom? What context of agreements and/or systems support wise leadership to flourish? How are we currently creating, sustaining, and maintaining systems like these in our client systems and our own organizations?
  8. In summary, what is a wisdom-practicing leader? What are the essential principles of a leadership that is wise?

Exchange Design

Session 1 – What is wise leadership? Illuminating the qualities of being wise, we will discover our personal journey and experience of being wise and working with wise leaders. Session 2 – What are the abilities of wise leaders? Together we will discover some of the common qualities, characteristics, and results of practical wisdom in leading teams and organizations. Session 3 – How can we foster wise leadership? Together we will appreciatively inquire into what works in developing wise leaders and the structures and systems that support and sustain access to practical wisdom.
  • January 11th / Wise Leadership Session 1
  • January 25th / Wise Leadership Session 2
  • February 8th / Wise Leadership Session 3


DATE: January 11, 2019 / January 25, 2019 / February 8, 2019
TIME: 9:00 am - 11:00 am PACIFIC TIME
REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: This Exchange is offered to GLEN Members at NO FEE. The coupon code is GLENMEMBER2018
PRICE: $150